1942 Pacific Front Online for PC – Free Download

February 28, 2015, Category: Games
1942 Pacific Front Online for PC – Free Download
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   “Saving private Ryan,” “inglourious basterds,” “Pearl Harbor”. It is easy to nominate works based on World War II, which, for many people, became synonymous with military combat. Following the interesting historical theme, 1942 Pacific Front PC allows the player to experience the action and the strategy of the famous event directly on the screen of the cell phone or tablet.

The impression when you start the game couldn’t be better, with a professional interface, beautiful images and a trail that gives all the combat climate – a welcome immersion from the first moment. The tutorial, despite being in English, is perfect, since you’re adding little by little each of the elements and is far from being boring, like part of the campaign.

No complaints for the gameplay, once the game responds very well to the touch screen, action that is the basis of all control of platoons and vehicles of 1942 Pacific Front. That’s right, you don’t need virtual gamepads or anything to play, simply select the desired unit and choose where she’s going to move or who is going to attack.

The main campaign is not long, but was created in the exact measure for fun and play the key moments of the world war. That, in fact, becomes the differential of the game compared to others of the same category, with 1942 Pacific Front allowing the player to participate in naval maneuvers, taken from enemies and duels aboard Japanese Zero fighters.

Practice makes perfect

It must be said that gambling is not easy, with the artificial intelligence if showing quite sharp in the clashes and getting even more hard-core as you progress through the missions. It is not uncommon to need to restart some of the stages after they understand how to use certain skills or drive combos to defeat the opponent’s units.

Even so, the learning process is not frustrating, rewarding the player for his attempts – retaining the gold collected in each session. The precious metal, incidentally, is the only feature of the game and needs to be well managed if you do not want to go down. It is used to refuel the vehicles, weapons and ammunition to fill in several other features.

As in any free-to-play game, a smart shop in 1942 Pacific Front PC sells gold for real money packages, ensuring that those who have a little money left over can invest some money on gambling. The reality is that you can get along without resorting to microtransactions, but will have to strive hard and dominate the game to win some more hairy missions without gold.

For those who think everything very easy and prefers a human opponent, it is worth remembering that 1942 Pacific Front PC doesn’t forget the multiplayer mode and lets you challenge your friends in uncompromising duels – or betting gold, the choice is yours.

Free Download: 1942 Pacific Front for PC – 1942 Pacific Front for Android

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