2020: My Country Online for PC – Free Download

December 1, 2014, Category: Games
2020: My Country Online for PC – Free Download
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2020-My-Country-Online-for-PC-Free-Download2020: My Country can be considered a major competitor to famous and established franchises such as The Sims and SimCity. Although he did not introduce anything very innovative, except for its futuristic theme, the game leaves nothing to be desired when compared to such famous titles.

Lush Visual

The graphics used in this game are excellent. Besides the high image resolution, the elements that compose the scenarios have elaborate textures, colors vivid enough and little exposure to pixels.

That way, even when you increase the maximum preview zoom doesn’t notice easily Visual defects common in other games in this category, as jagged lines and objects “squares”.

Yet in this regard, we cannot fail to highlight the visual art’s housekeeper for the elaboration of items and characters. This feature makes the gambling becomes even more fun.

Guaranteed fun

And this relaxation would not be achieved without an appropriate soundtrack to the proposal of the game and excellent quality audio effects. In 2020: My Country, all the time you’re playing, you hear people talking, telephones ringing, cars honking and more a plethora of noises that promote a very immersive and interesting ambiance.

This combination of features is the responsible for the sensation of diving into the game and be a part of it. Allied to this, the enormous variety of buildings, professionals and customization options ensures that gambling doesn’t become cloying.

Another thing we liked was the great dynamic progress in the game. This means that you don’t need to spend hours and hours playing to achieve a good level. In half an hour, you are able to reach level 5 and have a good amount of buildings and services offered.

Still not perfect

In contrast, the 2020: My Country has some minor “flaws”. The first of these is the use of a very small font for text presentation. With this, you are bound to force the eyes to be able to read what is being displayed, making the understanding of tips and information.

In addition, the lack of support for other languages than English can be a hindrance for those not dominates this language, likely delaying his understanding and advance in the game.

Free Download:  2020: My Country for PC – 2020: My Country for Android

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