4×4 Off-Road Game for PC

November 22, 2014, Category: Games
4×4 Off-Road Game for PC
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4x4-Off-Road-Game-online-for-pcAnyone who’s ever played in a stroller in the backyard or on the playground of the building, when small, must have imagined in the control of a powerful 4 x 4 vehicle, ready to thrash any challenge out of the roads. Thus, 4 x 4 off-road Game offers a simulation option for anyone who wants to get the dirt roads or trudge out in rough terrain-without fouling or fill your own car of dust and mud.

In charge of a jeep style vehicle, you will need to overcome all kinds of obstacles to go through checkpoints before reaching the checkered flag end of the map. Are 24 stages that go into extensive open areas-fully 3D – ranging from steep terrain to vast plains, to check if the player has enough skill to drive in the excerpts suggested by the game.

To drive the vehicle, simply touch the screen in the virtual control that appears on the screen, which makes acceleration and brake pedals and a steering wheel like cars more stout. Are offered two options for March, and you can either proceed with the car or engage in reverse to get rid of most devious paths – or to sneak out that ugly hit in a tree.

You can connect with your Google account and unlock some achievements of the game as you are playing. In addition, an online leaderboard displays who the best off-road riders nearby, which ends up being a full plate for players more competitive.

Free download: 4×4 Off-Road Game for PC

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