Agent Alice Online for PC – Free Download

February 28, 2015, Category: Games
Agent Alice Online for PC – Free Download
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   Agent Alice PC is a click and point with interesting plot and logical sequence of actions. The degree of difficulty of the game is also appropriate, being that some of the items are well hidden in the scenery and, in some cases, can be really challenging to find them. In addition, there are objects that must be collected for additional actions.

Young and old detectives

The game does not get the choice of a degree of difficulty for you to play and he presents a challenge moderated since the beginning. Still, it is possible to select a game controlled by time or “free”. You need to pay close attention to detail to be able to solve some of the puzzles offered.

Still, even if you don’t have a lot of experience with games in the genre, should not have major difficulties to understand the workings of it. The background music helps in immersion in climate proposed by the history of the game, in which you’re a secret agent. The sounds are related to actions on the screen and are really well synchronized and consistent with what is seen.

Engaging plot and visual stunning

The story is well done, as well as the plot and order of facts. The graphics feature a wealth of detail in the scenario, showing with fidelity the environment of 60 years. Still, even with very elegant images it doesn’t get heavy. Thus, even a more modest unit is able to run the game without crashes or delays to load the scenario.

What can be considered a negative point in the game is that the translation of some items in the list are quite bizarre. So, if you don’t understand the Word might get a bit lost in time to locate the requested objects. In addition, some other way of representation could also be used, such as the use of silhouettes.

Free Download: Agent Alice for PC – Agent Alice for Android

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