Aliando Super Bike Online for PC – Free Download

April 20, 2015, Category: Games
Aliando Super Bike Online for PC – Free Download
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Aliando-super-Bike-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Aliando Super Bike PC is a 3D racing game that puts the famous Indian actor Combining Syarief on a Chase exciting. Riding a powerful motorcycle equipped with a machine gun, his mission is to divert to civilian vehicles and eliminate the enemy threat.

Beware of other bikers who throw bombs around the floor, use your sights to neutralize them before you is reached. Pay attention also to the soldiers in the truck the truck, they will shoot you and try to throw your bike off the track.

The game does not present a large amount of stages or different modes of play, leaving the repetitive games. Besides, the store of accessories allows you to change only the color of the bike and improve the damage of your weapon.

Mira shared

The gameplay of the title surprise by the peculiarity of the controls, since the movement of the bike works closely with the sight of the gun. Acceleration is made automatically, requiring you to watch only on the track.

The English language does not prevent the player understands the game, since the game uses words universally known in games of this genre and the interface is perfectly clear and intuitive. What hinders even disposition of advertisements on screen, which end up hiding a few essential buttons to gambling.

Efficient Visual

To represent this chaotic combat vehicles, the game is presented in a 3D format. The visual is not first, but impresses at first. However, after a few minutes, the shortcomings of the game are clear.

The behavior of vehicles in relation to the scenario is presented in a very mechanical and limited. So don’t expect great episodes of velocity or extraordinary accidents.

The audio effects were also underwhelming, presented low-fidelity sounds to reality and they had some distortions throughout our gambling. Accordingly, only the soundtrack proved adequate to the proposed theme, featuring songs hectic and that help the gamer wanting to accelerate even more.

Free Download: Aliando Super Bike for PC – Aliando Super Bike for Android

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