Amazing Alex HD Online for PC – Free Download

December 10, 2014, Category: Games
Amazing Alex HD Online for PC – Free Download
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Amazing-Alex-HD-Online-foR-PC-Free-DownloadThe Rovio, a developer responsible for the Angry Birds success, launched another game for Android and iOS. The expectation around a new title was high, mainly due to the quality of the flagship franchise of the company.

And there’s no way to be disappointed. Right off the bat, Amazing Alex HD PC shows all the quality that the Rovio is able to put in an application. The game has a very nice visual with images very well designed, bright colors and a fun scenario.

Alex, the main character of the game, is very charismatic, and it is possible to imagine their dolls being sold over the internet. The scenarios and objects chosen to compose the game are familiar to all. When you least notice, will be assembling complex and interesting circuits that recall the opening of late Ra Tim Bum, program of TV Cultura.

The soundtrack of Amazing Alex is also awesome. The lively music combined with the look of the game is very similar to today’s cartoon style. During the game, the soundtrack is a little quieter, so you can concentrate on the training scenario. The sound effects complement well the mood of the game, reacting to every movement on the screen.

With respect to the gameplay, Amazing Alex is fun! Who opt for the free version can get bored with the tutorial that takes a few stages — the Trial version only has 16 levels of game. In addition, it is possible to find that the game is too easy. However, who is by the end of the 16 stages will certainly realize that purchasing this app worth it.

Amazing Alex is much more playful than the series Angry Birds, both in its visual, as in the soundtrack and in the form of play. Its gameplay is inspired by the classic computer game The Incredible Machine, the Decade of 1990. In the full version, there are more than 100 stages for you to have fun, with increasingly complex scenarios.

In short, the Rovio hit once again, in a release that promises to conquer many players — both the Android and iOS. Prepare to throw in one more game of your gadget!

Free Download:  Amazing Alex HD for PC – Amazing Alex HD for Android

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