Amazing Farm Day Online for PC – Free Download

November 27, 2014, Category: Games
Amazing Farm Day Online for PC – Free Download
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Amazing-Farm-Day-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadAmazing Farm Day is a game quite farms management quality. Like most games of this style, you need to take care of various species of animals and plant food to sell and make money. If you are familiar with that style of play, there are no big surprises.

Customize your farm

In addition to the compulsory and constructions of the larger missions, the game features a series of decorative items, in addition to various animals and crops, causing you can create an environment with some of your personal style. He has a tutorial fixed, but you’re the one who sets the tone of your property. Another interesting feature in the game is the amount of available tasks.

You will be able to participate in missions in search of rare animals, for example, and set up a small town full of shops with items collected. Thus, hardly the game becomes repetitive with time, because in addition to the farm, there’s also a lot for the player to do.

Visual very well done

The elements of this game are very beautiful and diverse. The crops leave a bit of themselves, being quite different in appearance from other games of this style and the animations are fluid and punctual. If you like games with a design well done, this is a great title to be tested.

However, go prepared for many advertising banners and advertising inserts between the activities and levels. At that point, he disappoints a little, since in many instances it is possible to accidentally click on one of these fields and end up being redirected to an advertising outside of the app.

Is it worth it?

This game is not innovative. If you have played enough farm titles, will hardly find something really new here, but this is not necessarily a problem. It is well made and works great, besides having an interesting rhythm and various challenges.

In other words, don’t expect any big news of this game, however it is good to note that he’s very funny. If you like games of farm simulation and creation of animals and plants, this is another very interesting option that deserves a test!

Free download: Amazing Farm Day Online for PC – Amazing Farm Day for Android

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