Amazing Ninja Online for PC – Free Download

December 7, 2014, Category: Games
Amazing Ninja Online for PC – Free Download
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Amazing-Ninja-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Amazing NinjaPC  is a game for Android a simple visual and dynamic gameplay. You will control a young warrior, whose girlfriend was captured by an evil witch. The mission is to jump in a synchronized to deflect obstacles, otherwise, the ninja will fall into the abyss. Download Amazing Ninja and skirt jumping to rescue his love of a villain!

Our opinion

Ideal for passing time, Amazing Ninja is a casual game with commands that do not require a lot of player. Simply tap on the screen so that the ninja jump. The highlight is the simplicity of the game and its gameplay, which strongly reminiscent of the game Flappy Bird.

The look of the game is simple, making the game accessible for any type of smartphone with Android.

Although it is quite simple, it’s notorious lack of some elements. Because it is an action theme, the game could have enemies or more obstacles, as opposed to just follow the standard “Flappy Bird”. But at least the challenge is high.

Amazing Ninja draws in the world mobile successes and brings a difficult game, but with addictive gameplay. The game could have more elements of action and less advertising.

Free Download:  Amazing Ninja for PC – Amazing Ninja  for Android

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