Angel’s Creed Online for PC – Free Download

January 26, 2015, Category: Games
Angel’s Creed Online for PC – Free Download
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Angels-Creed-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Angel’s Creed PC is a classic role-playing game in which you must face hundreds of enemies and siding with powerful heroes. The game features 2D graphics well neat, full of details and movements (the animations of the app are nice). The character design is not the most original of all, since it repeats the traits we’ve seen in other games in the genre (including the few female characters ‘ clothing, which is explicitly appealing).

Battles are turn-based, but you get the impression that does not exercise full control over the actions of the warriors since their commands are limited and they who choose the attacks delivered. Thus, it seems that you watch the more battles than effectively throws them. If this is not a negative factor for you, there’s nothing to bother.

And the challenges of this magical place?

The gameplay is simple, actually, but the clashes could be more challenging. There are several missions in Angel’s Creed and dozens of things to be done, so the use of menu-guide is something quite clever — it can be triggered by pressing the button on the top right corner. For a gripping storyline and being all in English, you must master the language if you want to follow the unfolding story of the game.

Despite being an RPG, this is not an online multiplayer. The more you run into other players, they do not fall in the fighting with you (or you can fight them), which is somewhat frustrating. In addition, the game features numerous shipments (typical loadings), so you must be very patient. If you want to embark into the world of Angel’s Creed, be sure there’s a lot of work to do and find out why here.

Free Download: Angel’s Creed for PC – Angel’s Creed for Android

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