Angry Birds Transformers Online for PC – Free Download

November 19, 2014, Category: Games
Angry Birds Transformers Online for PC – Free Download
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Angry Birds Transformers Online for PCAngry Birds Transformers PC is the new chapter of the series Angry Birds for Android and iOS, this time using the series of movies and Transformers designs to another themed game a lot of fun. In the title, the birds mingle with the famous robots disguised as vehicles for another adventure with lots of explosions and fighting to pigs.

In the application, the characters are transformed into characters from the Transformers series. The birds have seen the Autobots, the robots of the well, while pigs remain with the role of the Decepticons, the evil robots. But this does not prevent the Union from both sides in some stages and in multiplayer mode, where you can play with friends.

The main mechanics of the series Angry Birds also changes with this title. Rather than throwing the birds with the sling, as in more traditional titles, you have to go through a kind of corridor shooting, where you must aim at opponents to score points and next phase.

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With mira in command, through the touch screen, the player must shoot the targets without blinking. In a few moments you will need to take the form of vehicle to escape explosions or obstacles that appear along the way. The war continues in other game modes, which allow you to score points even when hold.

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, are several characters honored for Angry Birds Transformers. The game marks the first time in the series that the famous birds and pigs have arms and legs, since all have the form humanoid of the Transformers, to run around in.

The app also features a series of collectibles, items destrancáveis, improvements to their “robots” and benefits that can be purchased with real money. The game is also compatible with them Telepods, which transport the toys into the virtual adventure saga. Download Angry Birds Transformers for PC and enjoy!

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