Animal Voyage:Island Adventure Online for PC – Free Download

December 5, 2014, Category: Games
Animal Voyage:Island Adventure Online for PC – Free Download
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Animal-Voyage-Island-Adventure-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadAnimal Voyage:Island Adventure PC  is a tycoon game animal with several classic elements in the style of dispute, but with a beautiful and unique plot. Instead of building a Zoo and manage it, as it may seem at first sight, you need to rebuild a beautiful animal sanctuary.

Plot, but visual quality leaves something to be desired

As we have already said, the story behind Animal Voyage is very interesting as it has originality. However, the graphics in the game do not match expectations. The interface has some elaborate drawings, very broken terrain (with several separate blocks) and textures too square.

Since animals are very varied and with a zoom on the screen you can see them in detail. At this point, we must commend the developers, since the designs are beautiful and well made, but don’t expect the same of Visual effects and the movement of the animals.

Predictable and slow evolution gameplay

If you like games of tycoon, Animal style Voyage follows the same pattern already known: it takes money to build places, power to spare and plant foods, and each item takes a while to complete. And, as always, with credits in cash you can increase the speed of evolution of the game.

The problem here is the wait time. Unfortunately, Animal Voyage has simple activities with more than 10 minutes to complete and, on account of the very irregular terrain, you get arrested for various times, needing to wait for the reconstruction of bridges in order to act again, because there is another task that can be performed simultaneously.

This ends up discouraging players, even those who are already accustomed to the tycoon-style. All the elements are locked and require time or money to you the access, another fact really boring. Unfortunately, Animal Voyage has a nice storyline, but little to offer besides.

Free Download:  Animal Voyage:Island Adventure for PC – Animal Voyage:Island Adventure for Android

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