Anno: Build an Empire Online for PC – Free Download

April 24, 2015, Category: Games
Anno: Build an Empire Online for PC – Free Download
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Anno-Build-an-Empire-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   People who like to play on a cell phone has the advantage of having a beautiful catalog available, without having to stick to any specific genre. There’s no need to call me colored stones, put your foot on the accelerator or virtual Dodge deadly obstacles, for example. Anno: Build an Empire offers the unique opportunity for the players to come out of nowhere and build an empire.

The franchise Anno mixing elements of strategy and construction of cities and is well known to PC gamers. Now, coming to the canvases of smartphone and tablets, the series allows the audience take their villages in the Pocket and to extend his realm from anywhere – even in a little break from work, after all, not everyone who rules an island in the real world.

Developed by Ubisoft, the title exudes quality in virtually all aspects of production. The look is quite detailed for the genre, offering a beautiful world that blends 3D scenarios with 2D constructions in such a way that this marriage didn’t seem strange. The textures give the impression that everything is painted by hand, for example.

The interface also keeps the good level, remembering the placement of icons, menus and pointers that they find in games like Age of Empires and Clash of Clans – without letting anything disrupt the gameplay. The background music complements very well the experience, playing a season that seems to have emerged from a Victorian Royal Court.

Build an empire has never been so simple

Despite the huge range of possibilities provided by Anno: Build an Empire, the game is very well planned not to sink the player in complex mechanical or with excess content, showing each new functionality gradually.

The long tutorial is surprisingly fun and integrates well into production, teaching what it takes, but without looking like something binding in no time. Two characters act as assistants and offer tips on time to complete the initial tasks, but as all texts are in English, the understanding of those conversations can be harmed.

Still, everything works very intuitive, just you watch on missions in the left part of the screen and also in the construction menu, which shines with the units that need to be assembled. As the game begins with a good amount of gold, no need to worry about that part of gathering resources in a first moment.

How you get the hang of in Anno: Build an Empire, the evolution of the village follows fairly fast. Build houses to attract families, fishing huts to provide food, lumber mills to deal with the trees and call everything with dirt roads to make the site earn life-you literally see the people walking around.

Strategic thinking is something welcome

Of course, that’s just the basics, since, as the gambling progresses and the population increases, additional difficulties arise and also options to solve them. With each new level achieved by the village, for example, are unlocked new constructions and rewards, that end up bringing extra materials to the Board – forcing the development of the village.

From a certain moment, it is required that, if you want to achieve the maximum efficiency of your small virtual ecosystem, is designed exactly how it’s going to work the local infrastructure. Certain buildings have a certain area of influence of its effects, and position them properly becomes paramount to the success of his administration.

The local market need to be placed close to the greatest number of homes as possible, to increase the earnings of gold, while the natural resources in the area in which is built a mining company affect the percentage of collected stones and metals by workers. Over time, you will discover that even the roads have the power to accelerate your winnings in the game.

Gradually things earn proportions much larger, with the wood and giving way to houses made out of stone and the player having to worry about factors such as entertainment, education and religion. As gambling is online, it is possible to ask for a little help to friends to get urgent resources for citizens from your mobile phone.

Expanding the horizons

Although not necessarily tiny, the terrain of your island starts to get small after a fewlevels, which is usually an indication that you should start working on its maritimefleet. Yes, you can explore the surroundings and find new land ready to be conquered– some of them with elements that can only be found in them.
It may seem boring, but it’s the chance to start a new civilization in a way faster, sinceyou’ll get a healthy dose of experience – through the mistakes and successes — in hisinitial administration. Rest assured, there’s no need to abandon their previouscreations: for switch Island, simply sliding three fingers around the screen and enjoy the result of your dedication.

Free Download: Anno: Build an Empire for PC – Anno: Build an Empire for Android

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