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December 5, 2014, Category: Games
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Anomaly-Korea-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadIf you are diehard fan of strategy games, the Anomaly Korea is a fun entertainment option and exciting, worth every penny paid for it (about $ 6.30 currently). Without doubt, this is one of the best titles of the genre for Android-powered devices.

The game controls are uncomplicated and can be easily assimilated by players of different ages and levels of experience. In addition, the game has a good response to the actions taken. Allied to this, the complete translation of the title to the Portuguese should further facilitate the understanding of the Brazilian players.

The visual Anomaly Korea is fantastic. It features graphics of excellent quality, great image resolution, scenes filled with elements and animated effects well produced. Sometimes, you might even think you’re playing on a portable console.

The audio effects were also a highlight of the game, featuring reproductions without any noise or distortion and with a sharpness of impeccable sound — especially during the explosions of invading spaceships. The sum of graphics and sounds really impressed us, promoting a very cool immersion.

When it comes to fun, we can’t claim this title. That’s because it has a large diversification of objectives, which vary for each stage reached, great amount of scenarios and a good range of combat vehicles, special skills and resources that can help you kick aliens. In this way, gambling doesn’t become boring or tiring.

The only thing I think could be better exploited by the Anomaly is their narrative, Korea as well as the plot of the games predecessors. The title could show a brief animation telling the story of the initial franchise and contextualizing best the player in your next endeavor.

Free Download:  Anomaly Korea for PC – Anomaly Korea for Android

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