Archery Master 3D Online for PC/Windows – Free Download

May 10, 2015, Category: Games
Archery Master 3D Online for PC/Windows – Free Download
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Archery-Master-3D-online-for-PC-Windows-free-download-Archery-Master-3D-online-for-AndroidArchery Master 3D is a game of fun and with a very simple gameplay that will please both veteran gamers as archers first-timers. Its controls are easy to learn, contribute a lot to beginners don’t feel bad to throw it, making it a well-accessible title.

Both the normal mode as the “challenge” are quite fun and will consume good hours of the day of the player. Despite the weapons upgrades are very expensive, even without those paraphernalia you can pass quietly for most of the phases, not giving the effect of frustration on the player.

I know these two

Anyone noticed the similarities of the protagonists of Archery Master 3D with two famous characters from video games? The young man strongly reminiscent of Nathan Drake in Uncharted, while the Lady is the spitting image of voluptuous Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, which also runs very well at arco. Coincidence?

Leveraging that we started talking about appearances, the game is visually very beautiful. Both the scenario as the template of the characters were very well worked. But the high point of the game is the animation effects in slow motion (in the style Matrix) that rolls when we sent the arrow in the middle of the target.

The sound is good, however the music annoying kind of defeats the purpose of magic, but nothing that the “mute” button can’t handle. In conclusion: Archery Master 3D is a great game and everyone will enjoy spending some time improving your aim. Worth it!


Free Download: Archery Master 3D for PC – Archery Master 3D for Android

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