Arjun : Warrior of Mahabharata Online for PC – Free Download

December 8, 2014, Category: Games
Arjun : Warrior of Mahabharata Online for PC – Free Download
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Arjun-Warrior-of-Mahabharata-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadArjun the Warrior: Clash of Clans PC brings a simple tower defense and full of action, in which you need to defend your Castle shooting arrows at all the enemies that appear in front of you. The matches are dynamic and occur without stalling.

The waves of opponents appear below and show agility and good aim is essential to be able to win any challenge. The degree of difficulty is not the highest, since the enemies until they reach the wall, but as the stages are short you end up managing to emerge victorious.

The theme of the game is fun. Although there is no plot behind the gambling, the fact you control only a warrior with his bow and arrow makes Arjun Warrior: Clash of Clans somewhat different from other games of the style. The leave bonus the busiest matches, after all, have to manage resources and buy arrows, bombs and the help of gods is something that gives a hint of the strategy game matches.

Kill the enemies (and advertisements)

Gambling is frantic and all the action title is only interrupted by the constant and exaggerated appearance of banners along the departures. There’s not a moment between a menu and another that you’re not bothered by any advertising. The worst is that they still appear with a certain lag, i.e. you press to select a weapon, however, ends up being forwarded to another place you wouldn’t want to visit.

The graphics of the Arjun Warrior: Clash of Clans are quite simple. Everything comes in two dimensions and no great special effects during the fighting. The graphics are colorful and the strokes are in cartoon style. The sounds are reasonable. In addition to the sounds of fighting, as screams and the sound of arrows being fired, cool effects, like a soundtrack when powerful enemies appear on screen comes to keep things exciting.

Free Download:  Arjun : Warrior of Mahabharata for PC – Arjun : Warrior of Mahabharata for Android

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