Babel Running Online for PC – Free Download

December 15, 2014, Category: Games
Babel Running Online for PC – Free Download
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Babel-Running-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadIf you like casual games in running style, Babel RunningPC will bring a good amount of obstacles for gamers bravest. Defying God to try to build the famous Tower of Babel, your goal is to load heavy bricks of stone and dodge the obstacles.

Gambling follows the pattern of most casual titles of the genre, because the simplified control scheme allows gamers to focus only on the scenario and the barriers. At first, it is easy to dodge the traps, but the fury of the creator increases as you advance, leaving things much more complicated.

The cartoon-style visuals combine perfectly with casual work proposal, as all are stylized drawings and have a good amount of colors. The animations are also not realistic, displaying exaggerated movements typical of cartoons.

The death race against God is also packed for a classical music creates some tension. However, the melody becomes sick after a few minutes. In turn, the sound effects are satisfactory and consistently represent each character’s movement.

The world ranking improves somewhat the longevity of the title, as it encourages players to compete and improve in the game. However, despite the good technical quality of the work, the $ 2.07 charged by Babel Running should only be worthwhile for gamers who really are addicted to running style, since the game does not show any big news.

Free Download:  Babel Running for PC – Babel Running for Android

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