Banana Pirate Online for PC – Free Download

April 22, 2015, Category: Games
Banana Pirate Online for PC – Free Download
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Banana-Pirate-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Banana Pirate PC is a platform game in the racing model in three dimensions. In it, you will lead the protagonist through a circuitous route, trying to get the highest possible quantity of bananas every match to ensure a good score. The game lacks a degree of difficulty to choose from and it can be considered as moderate since the beginning.

This is due to the task to be performed, but in itself in the game that requires quick reflexes and a lot of attention. The title does not bring a phased approach, adopting the model “infinite” and, therefore, your goal is to conquer always more points each game, since the end of the same your score is reset to zero once again.

Character movement is automatic and you’ll have to take care with the direction taken, being that it is not always the protagonist turns to the sense required in the first ring.

Commands and ambiance of the title

The system of controls of the game is very simple, because all the tasks are performed with touches, and the response to the command is immediate. The game does not have a song in the background, but only the sounds concerning interactions performed in scenario – which are according to what is seen on the screen and in sync with the images.

The game has a scenario entirely in three dimensions, with a very relaxed setting style. The drawings are well-done and are in an elegant 8-bit model, making the use of the Nice program. Still, the game is lightweight and should run on more modest devices without delays or deadlocks.

As much as initially the matches are a little bit shorter, to acquire more practical the game passes quickly to entertain the player for a longer period of time. Still, as the task performed is always the same and very similar, the game can pass to become repetitive after a few matches.

Free Download: Banana Pirate for PC – Banana Pirate for Android

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