Batalha de Monstros Online for PC – Free Download

March 26, 2015, Category: Games
Batalha de Monstros Online for PC – Free Download
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   Battle of Monsters PC is a role playing game with a wide variety of options for you to have fun. Embark on an incredible adventure to hunt monsters and prepare them to insane battles against various opponents.

The game has more than 300 different monsters to hunt, each with different abilities and powers, leaving the gambling much more dynamic. In addition, you have many options for evolution to make them even stronger.

Great variety and dynamism

Battle of Monsters offers a wide range of activities, which gives enough pace and dynamism to the gambling. There are several distinct sections, such as markets, banks, shops, houses, among others, leaving you busy for quite some time.

The title even lets you join clan battles online in a PvP system against 50 simultaneous players, which leaves the gambling much more exciting. It is also possible to play only offline, using the local content base.

Rich dialogues and beautiful graphics

Battle of Monsters still offers many dialogues between various characters, something that enriches the story enough. It also functions as a tutorial for the newbies in the game to learn how to play.

The game has graphics in manga style cartoon-like. Visual production is beautifully done, making gambling a lot more exciting and entertaining stay. The animations of the game are simple, but do not affect the quality of the game.

Free Download: Batalha de Monstros for PC – Batalha de Monstros for Android

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