Battle of Heroes Online for PC – Free Download

December 3, 2014, Category: Games
Battle of Heroes Online for PC – Free Download
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Battle-of-Heroes-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadIf you are addicted to war and management games, but is sick of the traditional options and one of the few strategic possibilities that these titles bring, Battle of Heroes is an application that you must try.

Strategy with heroes

The gameplay, in a first moment, reminiscent of classical works like Clash of Clans, but the battles with the hero gives a new meaning to war. As the character is extremely strong and has magical abilities, their correct use is of vital importance to emerge victorious.

In the early missions, which serve as tutorial, opponents have no heroes and everything is fairly easy. However, it won’t take long for you to need to face other real players or more advanced missions in which the strategy has an important role.

Focus on war

The economy of Battle of Heroes is based only on two simple features, and the initial amount of “gems” is satisfactory, allowing the waiting times and other obstacles to be circumvented.

Despite the focus on the fighting and leave the city in the background, who doesn’t spend with microtransactions can quickly see limited, especially in the defensive Department. Create large armies is usually not a problem, but develop a solid fortress is a little more difficult for those who do not want to spend.

The graphics are well polished and, in General, will not disappoint those accustomed with games in the genre. The 3D modeling are all the rage, the effects of attacks and skills are exaggerated and the textures have acceptable definition.

Has potential

Although Battle of Heroes if not featured in the visuals, the soundtrack can Captivate, in particular by variations in music and realistic sounds that arise during the bloody clashes.

Free Download:  Battle of Herofor PC – Battle of Heroes for Android

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