Battle Towers Online for PC – Free Download

November 30, 2014, Category: Games
Battle Towers Online for PC – Free Download
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Battle-Towers-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadIn Battle Towers, you’ll find a typical strategy game that puts players in control of a medieval castle. However, here the struggle against the orcs happens in a completely three-dimensional setting full of possibilities.

Degole orcs

The gameplay is the trademark of the title, because although you can control which soldiers and structure should be attacked, you don’t have to waste time “selecting” the Warriors, as there are fixed shortcuts that allow attacking or retreating from, for example.

In addition, the lack of economic complex structures allows players to focus on battles, leaving everything much more fun and uncomplicated.

Casual, but consistent

The graphics engine renders beautiful images with a stripped down style. Even so, the textures are of good quality and the movements of the characters are satisfactory, making you feel in a real RTS.

About the sound, the title of surprise by strong effects GIGL and by classical music, consolidating a climate of war and strategy very immersive. If you are using headphones, the experience is mesmerizing.

Free Download:  Battle Towers  for PC – Battle Towers  for Android

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