Bean Boy Online for PC – Free Download

January 5, 2015, Category: Games
Bean Boy Online for PC – Free Download
4.31 (86.25%) 16 votes

Bean-Boy-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   If you like action games and precision, it is quite likely that Bean Boy PC will suit you best. In this game, you’re in control of a character that orange can give fantastic jumps and go always further away – in fact, this is your goal. There are no phases themselves in Bean Boy, because here you should beat your own records of altitude achieved.

For this reason, the game is extremely addictive because you always want to get better scores. In addition, the background scenarios change constantly, which means that the title is not repetitive. With beautiful graphics (though simple), the animations of the Bean Boy are natural and occur so quite fluid.

The own character displays the most varied expressions, is when it sticks to blocks or when is falling, which makes him a very charismatic. Unfortunately, the game has many advertisements that always appear when you fall on the floor, in addition to the fixed announcement bars at the bottom and top. With the exception of those details, this is an excellent and addictive action game.

Free Download: Bean Boy for PC – Bean Boy for Android

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