Bebo for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) – Free Download

January 3, 2015, Category: Apps
Bebo for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) – Free Download
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Bebo-for-PC-Windows-7-8-and-Mac-Free-Download Bebo PC is an instant messaging application that fuses the communication with the fun use of hashtags illustrated and interactive, all of this with your avatar starring all drawings, making the more comical situations.

Nice idea, but there’s still ground

Bebo is fun and dynamic and sure makes sending messages more comical and playful. However, this is a recent application and with little use to date. And just for being new, the app is all in English and uses the tags in high in American territory, being good barring for Brazilian users.

If you do not have a good knowledge in the English language, it is necessary to use the hashtag #trending, which shows the most used of the moment, and test one by one with the user robot offered by application to know and understand what each one of them.

There are illustrations for almost everything

The strong point of Bebo sure are the unusual designs for almost all the tags that you use. And in fact there is a great concern to have a huge variety of illustrations upgraded with the everyday. For example, when you enter #Sony, your avatar is depicted with a notebook envied by a parody of the North Korean dictator, referencing the recent hacker attacks.

Therefore, you can expect illustrations for movies, series, everyday expressions, polemics, everything. If a hashtag not illustration, a notification is displayed to tell you that the artists of Bebo will analyze it and create a drawing as soon as possible.

Interactive hashtags

In addition to the drawings with your avatar, there are a couple of hashtags that provide a greater interaction between users of the application. Share your songs and location, send drawings done by you or to play with their friends. It is interesting the interactive potential of the application, something that its competitors do not offer.

Bebo sure is an excellent application for those who like to communicate by messages with friends. The illustrations and interactions give a much greater dynamism to the interaction, in addition to leaving everything funnier. It is a pity that the application not be located, because in order to use the app requires a knowledge of American culture or at least some research on trending.

As stated above, Drink is still a recent application. I’m sure it’s not a good idea to override the WhatsApp for him, since probably when creating your profile you will not find any friend that use. However, simply invite people that you think curtirão the idea and connect to your Facebook account. This is an excellent app that is still crawling, but has a lot to offer.

Free Download: Bebo for PC – Bebo for Android

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