Bee Brilliant Online for PC – Free Download

November 29, 2014, Category: Games
Bee Brilliant Online for PC – Free Download
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Bee-Brilliant-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadBee Brilliant is a fun game in which you must make calls of colorful elements on a Board. These elements are puppies of bees and, every new phase, you have a different mission. Sometimes you have to achieve a range of punctuation and, in others, you just have to eliminate the bees of specific houses. The dynamic is basically the same as Candy Crush Soda Saga.

The graphics are very nice. There are many bright elements everywhere, the scenarios are very detailed and there are many animated elements everywhere in the game. You can see babes dancing and singing bee once in a while, just to relax. It is worth highlighting the amount of effects that appear on the screen whenever you do something. That leaves the game responsive and visually appealing.


The soundtrack is varied, but most of the time, some children’s sounds are executed. Despite this, the game cannot be considered childish on account of the difficulty level, which significantly increases the each stage. Anyway, the sound dimension is a highlight, including effects that are everywhere.

Even though a level of increasing difficulty, Bee Brilliant doesn’t have a complicated gameplay. You just need to pass your finger over the elements on the screen to make the connections. What can be complicated is to find great links to do. Therefore, we can say that it’s worth doing a test with Bee Brilliant and see how much fun it is to play with bees singers.

Free download:  Bee Brilliant for PC Bee Brilliant for Android

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