Berry King Online for PC – Free Download

November 26, 2014, Category: Games
Berry King Online for PC – Free Download
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Berry-King-Online-for-PCBerry King is a game in which you need to call berries equal to form sets of three or more items. With this, you remove these items from the Board and will accumulate many points. For each stage, the game is a challenge to the player, which needs to reach a goal of at least points and it is still necessary to use all the news that the game offers at the stage in question. At first, everything is pretty easy, but after a while, it’s going to become increasingly complicated.

Despite the level of difficulty increases with time, the game is pretty simple to play, as it should be in a title called colors. All you need to do is swap out little pieces of place in order to build sets. Other than that, the graphics in the game are pretty sweet. Everything is done in a cartoonish visual style, with animals illustrating some scenes here and there. There are still many shiny elements and a lot of special effects on the screen, which must call a lot of attention from children.


The soundtrack is composed by a very pleasant and calm music that plays all the time in the background. She always repeats, but as it is fairly long and low, not enough to irritate. Some sound effects complement this dimension of the game, which features characteristic little noises all the time.

In our tests, we did not find any problem with the execution of Berry King, although some sound effects being “scary”, in the sense that they are run much more high than the soundtrack. So, don’t throw Berry King with headphones.

In the end, we can say that Berry King is a great title to play and relax. So download and check out.

Free download: Berry King for PC – Berry King for Android

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