Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Online for PC – Free Download

January 21, 2015, Category: Games
Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Online for PC – Free Download
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Big-Hero-6-Bot-Fight-Online-for-PC-Free-Download    Big Hero 6 Bot Fight PC  is a puzzle and action game in which your goal is to destroy your opponents using powerful combinations of colorful pieces, known as power cells. Just use them to fuel his robots and strike blows at opponents.

The game follows the same mechanics of Bejelewed, in which your mission is to join three or more gems to clear them. And, in addition, each group of energy cell eliminated provides powers for determined hero, depending on the color that you file. It’s a formula already enshrined in other games, done in a very well crafted.
Joining parts and forces

The mechanics is fun because unite is not enough pieces to win. You also need to manage your life in order not to lose the game when attacked by opponents. And each hero is strong against determined enemy type, requiring a little more strategy.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight has a huge amount of fun and robots with unique abilities for you fight. In addition, you can improve them, making them even stronger against its opponents.

The title offers the players a great story, much like the animation itself. The plot is the same, although both walk by slightly different places, offering a slightly different experience.
If I jumped in with both feet in the film

The game has good graphics produced in 3D, fully based on the movie, of course. This makes gambling more familiar and fun. The animations are also a SideShow, leveraged his own film.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight still counts with a fantastic soundtrack, which packs the adventures of heroes and makes gambling more agitated. And the sound effects are in the Groove, ensuring a unique experience.

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