Big Win Football 2015 Online for PC – Free Download

January 17, 2015, Category: Games
Big Win Football 2015 Online for PC – Free Download
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Big-Win-Football-2015-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Big Win Football 2015 PC is a game of American football works through a system of letters. Here, you need to manage your time and leave them ready to face the season. It is necessary to train players, organize the lineup and choose the right strategies for each game ahead of us.

Monotonous gameplay

The gameplay of Big Win Football 2015 isn’t exactly relevant to set if you can play right or not. After all, you can’t control the characters, just watch passively to departures and navigates between menus to buy more cards of athletes and tactics. Nevertheless, it is possible to mention the delay in loading between screens, especially when you’re looking for an opponent.

Speaking of searching an opponent online, it’s worth pointing out that Big Win Football 2015 only allows you to play online. This fact limits the possibilities of fun, because if you don’t have no connection how to play.

In addition, the energy points also end up quickly and force players to deal with waiting times. This requires that players who want to extend the playing time are obliged to spend real money to get in-game advantages.

Freemium system

This aggressive monetization mechanism without a doubt is attractive to developers of the game, but will limit the chances of people who aren’t willing to spend.

The game runs on a freemium system, i.e. Despite being free with real money you can achieve advantages within the game. However, you can pretty much create a competitive team if you are willing to take care of your team daily.

Just watching

As a football coach, during the match, all you can do is watch and cheer for your team play well. Of course, always paying attention to the strategy used and weaknesses that your team needs to improve.

However, it is a pity that it is not possible to control the players, since the animations and the physics of the game seems to be extremely fun and exciting. Maybe in the future game developers invest in a gameplay inside and outside of the field, but for now, we have to content ourselves in only watch and cheer.

Free Download: Big Win Football 2015 for PC – Big Win Football 2015 for Android

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