Bitcoin Billionaire Game Online for PC – Free Download

December 7, 2014, Category: Games
Bitcoin Billionaire Game Online for PC – Free Download
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Bitcoin-Billionaire-for-PC-Free-DownloadBitcoin Billionaire is a simulator game in which you are tasked with mining bitcoins for improving their standard of living. So, you need to make much effort to get the highest possible amount of virtual currency, using it to purchase items and even investments that help in the task of being a billionaire.

Valley just keep in mind that all bitcoins obtained through the game are “virtual” and may not be used outside of it. The interface of the title is friendly, placing the functions in a way that is simple to find them. Still, the glut of options can make him a little confused at first.

Although bitcoins mining itself is easy, there are several interactions in the game, and the ideal is that you explore the options in the menu to get more familiar with the game. Similarly, there is a degree of difficulty to choose from, but the first actions are guided entirely by tutorials to facilitate its early in the game.

Screen and gameplay

The graph of the game account with the drawings made in 8-bit, very elegant. The dialogues presented in the story follow a line more fun and casual, possibly with touches of debauchery, helping the player to enter the relaxed mood of the title. It does not have a fixed line of actions that need to be completed.

In this way, the player is free to follow the desired path and get complete tasks for more achievements and evolve the character. What can be considered as a negative point is that the game is entirely in English and you need to have a certain affinity with the language so that the tasks are fully understood.

In addition to possessing some sounds that represent actions in environment and smooth audio, background tasks can be seen on the screen in the form of button and the response time to a command is immediate, causing you to not suffer with unnecessary waits to perform the actions. The game is light, and even with a more modest smartphone you should have no problems to load it or during a game.

Free Download: Bitcoin Billionaire Game for PC

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