Block Slide Rush Online for PC – Free Download

January 2, 2015, Category: Games
Block Slide Rush Online for PC – Free Download
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Block-Slide-Rush-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   If you’re into games in the style of Candy Crush Saga, it is quite likely that a title like Block Slide Rush PC also fall on your taste. With a simple visual, all in 2D, but pretty neat, colorful and charismatic, this hit puzzle game to introduce blocks that are much more than just blocks, therefore they possess faces with the most varied expressions.

Your goal, as usual in games in the genre, is called color pieces identical to obtain points. The gameplay is quite simple: just drag the pieces horizontally or diagonally, positioning the blocks as you want.

More complex than meets the eye

Although it is easy to play and to possess a more childish, Block Slide Rush is quite challenging (especially due to the countdown phase), which is pretty good. The app is full of challenges and achievements that can be unlocked, as new clothing items for the main character – a nice kitten.

Although possessing good points (and leave the game quite interesting), the game also has some negative elements, such as the fact of presenting songs repetitive and of owning only a scenario. Yes, as much as the stages are different, you always look the same landscape. However, these are not very important factors and should not disrupt their card games in Block Slide Rush.

Free Download: Block Slide Rush for PC – Block Slide Rush for Android

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