Brave Brigade: Hero Summoner Online for PC – Free Download

November 30, 2014, Category: Games
Brave Brigade: Hero Summoner Online for PC – Free Download
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Brave-Brigade-Hero-Summoner-Online-for-PC-free-DownloadBrave Brigade is a simplified RPG in which you enter into battles in shifts to train a hero. When he is strong enough, you can play in an arena full of powerful opponents. Therefore, this second part is only for the more experienced.

The game has average graphics. The scenarios are repeated enough, there’s not much detail, but everything is very colourful and the elements of the game feature soft shapes. That leaves the title “cute” and mitigates a little visual simplicity. Other than that, how about a game in shifts, there is little movement, but that is offset by very diverse Visual effects that you can observe during fights. Each character has a different and each of these scams generate different effects when thrown against someone.

Simple to play

The gameplay is simple and, as this is an RPG, there are a multitude of options and elements to choose before actually entering into a dispute. Although not the most fun, try to stay alert to every screen that appears, do some simple details and unchecked options can make a difference on the battlefield.

Regarding the soundtrack, the game doesn’t excite both, but it must be recognized that there are several songs to represent each type of game situation. Thus, when the thing heats up in battle, the music also follows the rhythm. The sound effects are interesting, but don’t stand out much during matches.

So, if you like RPG games simpler, Brave Brigade is a good choice to spend time with the smartphone. Now if your beach is action all the time, this is definitely not the game for you.

Free download: Brave Brigade: Hero Summoner for PC – Brave Brigade: Hero Summoner for Android

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