Brave Frontier Online for PC – Free Download

December 6, 2014, Category: Games
Brave Frontier Online for PC – Free Download
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Brave-frontier-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadIn Brave Frontier, players encounter a full game of strategic battles with monsters. To beat the enemies, it is necessary to pay attention to the element of each animal and also take advantage of the magical abilities that develop heroes.

Monsters and many fights

The gameplay is intuitive and very easy to master, is an interactive tutorial explains in detail all the rules and possibilities in the first time you run the application. Moreover, everything is done by means of rings and the interface screens are well organized, providing an intuitive environment even for people who do not dominate the English.

The fighting have increasing difficulty level and there are several areas and quests that are released as you advance in the adventure. However, the mechanics soon reveals the Brave Frontier’s biggest problem: a lack of variety. The clashes are always equal, even when bosses appear, making the tiring campaign.

Immersive experience

The cartoon-style visuals will please gamers accustomed to anime-based games. All characters are expressive and the drawings are excellent quality. Another positive attribute are interface screens, although not translated into Portuguese, impressed by the organization.

The soundtrack is cheery and goes hand data with the style stripped of the joke. The effects that pack the fighting they are agitated, but a little childish. Nevertheless, overall, the sounds provide an immersive environment.

Free Download:  Brave Frontier for PC – Brave Frontier for Android

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