Bruce Lee: Enter The Game for PC – Free download

November 27, 2014, Category: Games
Bruce Lee: Enter The Game for PC – Free download
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Bruce-Lee-Enter-The-Game-Online-for-PC-Free-downloadAlthough the MMA pioneer died in 1973, Bruce Lee is still an iconic figure in time to talk about the fight. The adventure created by Hibernum (who has worked with LEGO and Disney) presents the level of detail expected by fans of games in the genre, adding one of the legends of cinema in the middle of the mixture.

The commands are simplified, but it doesn’t mean that the game isn’t challenging: the option of sliding your finger to attack is even better than the alternative of virtual joystiques. The commands are accurate and, although not as varied, need to be used properly to address the various types of henchmen presented in scenes.

The cartoony style works well with well done animations for the attacks and damage caused by the protagonist. Each enemy is presented in a unique way, without sounding generic or repetitive.

One of the highlights is the effect caused by the animation when accompanied by the typical high-pitched squealing of Bruce Lee — work of legendary classic fighter.

The sound effects and the graphics are quite valid, but a little problem resides in the interface: a wealth of information on the screen end up leaving the game somewhat confused. After a period of adjustment, however, the impression soon gets left behind.

Free download: Bruce Lee Enter The Game for PC – Bruce Lee Enter The Game for Android

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