Burger Tycoon Online for PC – Free Download

April 22, 2015, Category: Games
Burger Tycoon Online for PC – Free Download
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Burger-Tycoon-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Burger Tycoon PC is a simulation-style game in which you are the newest employee at a fast food restaurant. It is indicated for people who like to play games of this style in that you have to worry not only assemble the sandwich, but in making the production quickly, avoiding delays in service – and, consequently, unhappy customers.

The game lacks a degree of difficulty to choose from, but he gets much simpler, with fewer ingredients and a smaller amount of customers you meet simultaneously. However, as you advance in the game, he will be more challenging of gradual way.

There are three game modes to choose from: a career system, an endless mode and another focusing on points. However, initially, only the campaign is unlocked for the player’s immediate fun. The mounting system of applications is simple, since all you need to do involves ringtones in the ingredients to prepare the hamburger.

Time is very important

As mentioned previously, the time of attendance is a very important factor, because unhappy customers or impatient make your score will not be as good as it could be that because they’re going to leave a smaller amount of coins by the request, which causes your score to be harmed (because you get less stars on stage).

The scenario of the title are in two dimensions by simulating three and is very well done, apart from having a perfect framing with style. The game features an ambient music that is in the right measure to maintain the concentration of the player and serve as an audio suitable for the game. The other sounds are concerning interactions carried out and they are very well synchronized with the animations seen on the screen.

In addition, the game is pretty light, ensuring that you can enjoy it without fear of facing slowness or even screen lockups. So if you like Diner simulators, it is worth testing the Burger Tycoon.

Free Download: Burger Tycoon for PC – Burger Tycoon for Android

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