Butter Punch Online for PC – Free Download

April 14, 2015, Category: Games
Butter Punch Online for PC – Free Download
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Butter-Punch-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Butter Punch PC is a game of the genre platform that challenges the player to advance through the scenario with a scheme similar to the joke “burned”. Here, a stick of butter need to punch a ball to eliminate the enemies that appear from the front.

The possibility of playing scores on the leaderboard with gamers from all over the world like a lot. The mechanism also encourages the bravest players to improve in the game.

The game is free and works with a just a touch on the screen. The gameplay is based on timing, because if you miss the punch on the ball the game ends. In addition, well-aimed strokes ensure a great putting fire in bonus ball.

Timing is everything

Visual employee at game isn’t the best, but it’s enough for a casual game and fun. The sound set is also presented in a simple and consistent, not extrapolating the limit to be sick.

What stands out here is the difficulty progressive title. As you advance through the scenario, the speed of the ball begins to increase. In addition, the enemies are getting tougher, requiring accurate punching the ball to increase the damage.

The simplicity of the game turns out to be discouraged in some extent of gambling, being that there are no upgrades for the character, only purely aesthetic items. That way, your challenge is limited to accumulate points to release new phases and beat his own record.

Free Download: Butter Punch for PC – Butter Punch for Android

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