Candy’s Restaurant Online for PC – Free Download

November 28, 2014, Category: Games
Candy’s Restaurant Online for PC – Free Download
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Candy's-Restaurant-Online-for-PC-Free-downloadCandy’s Restaurant is an ideal game for anyone who wants to have fun running a restaurant. It is ideal for children, but not enough to be so childish and can be played by anyone. The tasks are simple and you don’t need to know English to consegtuir play, since the game indicates all with arrows and drawings — there are hardly any texts.

Unlike games cooking

In this game, you need to do step by step recipes and not just stack the ingredients as in other games of restaurant. Each food can be mounted as you prefer and the game gives a note, through the stars, for the best compositions.

Everything counts, since the size of the mass, the caprice with the items and the time of preparation. Thus, it is not enough to be the chef faster, you need to know what you’re doing. Those seeking a more agile Manager, tycoon-style, might be disappointed a bit, however, since the pace of this game is totally different.

Visual very well done

The scenarios and menus for this game are very beautiful and have several elements and filled with colorful textures. The animations also draw attention, particularly during the construction of the dishes. Everything is fluid and in the right measure — that is, you won’t see much movement exaggerated or elements where it is not necessary.

For those who like to customize every detail, it is possible to choose a different outfit for the attendant, for example, dressing her up with several complete looks! These and other details in visual game show that this aspect was very fancy and deserves attention.

Worth download Candy’s Restaurant, a full set of hot foods and challenges. Get 3 stars in all preparations and become the best chef of the region!

Free download: Candy’s Restaurant for PC – Candy’s Restaurant for Android

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