Cast & Conquer Online for PC – Free download

November 28, 2014, Category: Games
Cast & Conquer Online for PC – Free download
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Cast-Conquer-Online-for-PC-Free-downloadCast is a game of Conquer & RPG which takes the Trading Card Gaming style to the screen of your Android. The game combines the style already known of battles with letters with an innovative system that resembles with a tower defense. Here, you and your opponent will summon warriors marching towards the main character on the other side. Win if you destroy the opponent’s character first.

Positioning is everything

Contrary to what one sees in other games, this is not always the player who has the No.1 cards wins. The strategy used during the placement can decide the outcome of matches at any time. Have a more aggressive behavior can crush your opponent’s chances early on, however, you can leave your main character unprotected and end up succumbing to a surprise attack.

Cast & Conquer allows you to play also in battles against other real players, which makes the games much more balanced, since human intelligence is much more evolved and unpredictable than the artificial intelligence.

Perfect balance between graphics and gameplay

Cast & Conquer is extremely easy to play. All you need is touching the desired options to select any item or access the menus. In addition, there is a tutorial that explains thoroughly all the options in the game. So, in no time you should be completely familiar with the possible actions in the game.

The graphics are not employed by the lush, but have good image resolution and proved satisfactory. Coupled with this, the animations nicely extracted total points in the game and differentiate those card games more standing.

The background songs are good and serve well its purpose, in addition to combine enough themed – this is a feature that not every game can be achieved. The sound effects during fights constants serve to keep it lively, always indicating with the noises the action of each Charter; something relevant to you understand what’s happening.

The social part of the game also deserves attention. You can add friends to exchange letters and compare your score with others through the rankings. In addition, activation codes appear constantly in official game page on Facebook, they guarantee various prizes like rare cards and new equipment. However, because of this, the application needs internet connection permanently.

As in most works of the genre, there are a wide variety of cards and powers, which can be a little scary for first-time players, so it is recommended the tutorial. On the other hand, for more experienced players, the part of the tutorial could be dismissed, improving the experience, since you can only play in multiplayer at the end of the first stage of the campaign.

Free download:  Cast & Conquer for PC – Cast & Conquer for Android

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