Cat Simulator Online for PC – Free Download

December 15, 2014, Category: Games
Cat Simulator Online for PC – Free Download
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Cat-Simulator-Online-for-PC-Free-Download    Cat Simulator PC  is a simulator-style game, in which you will hold all the shenanigans and the antics of a cat. So, you go to sleep, eat, play, breaking things, running around the House and find new locations (such as the backyard), always trying to find pennies and get points for your Kitty.

The program brings a number of puppies to choose from, however, they are blocked and must be activated through the use of a number of coins. They can be found during the game in various locations as well as obtained as you perform time-based challenges, for example.

The cat is very well made, following a similar style to games to take care of pets in three dimensions. Both the pet and the scenery have a wealth of details, causing the game to be very nice to handle. The animations also has a great quality and are well synchronized with the action.

However, if the game Gets a little too heavy for your unit, it is possible to decrease the visuals in the settings.

Cuteness and fun

The game features a system of commands placed entirely on the screen and the camera follows the movement of the protagonist. The response occurs immediately after the activation of the control, something very important, especially during the timed challenges. The game brings a soft music, but excited about the background.

In addition, there are also the sounds of the environment and of interactions undertaken with the scenario. This ringtone certainly reinforces the climate of total cuteness game. As you explore the environment you can find accessories for use with your pet, causing it to be too stylish.

So, it’s always interesting that you try walking everywhere very calmly, to avoid leaving items or coins pass unnoticed.

Free Download:  Cat Simulator for PC – Cat Simulator for Android

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