Catapult Saga HD Online for PC – Free Download

February 20, 2015, Category: Games
Catapult Saga HD Online for PC – Free Download
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   Catapult HD Saga is a game that will make the joy of the fans of the old Gunbound. The title follows the same line of play, bringing the fighting in shifts and operating online – something that definitely comes across as a great advantage for the game.

Colors for all sides.

The visual of the Catapult HD Saga brings a childlike style and Ragtime. Everything seems to have gone out of the children’s drawings, since the characters, who bring nice features and smiling, even the scenarios, supercoloridos and full of varied styles.

Here, we missed a greater amount of customization options for the dolls, because everything will depend on your purchases of armour. It would be interesting to be able to choose the hair color or insert glasses and mustaches in character, for example.

The sounds of the game do not present nothing too extraordinary, but help to compose the game environment. Explosion effects and background music are present at all times. However, this would also be cool to provocations of the characters, war cries or something to make the matches even busier.

It’s not just a game of fight in shifts

The Catapult Saga HD brings a complexity able to please who likes long matches filled with different tasks. Here you not only need to deal with enemies, but also has offline missions to fulfill, like quests and unique tasks. Through them you evolves and can conquer new awards and items, practically all fundamental to your success.

In the game, you also need to manage their own resources and earn money and invest it into weapons, clothes and evolutions. Even the skills of your doll needs to be defined by you, which can require greater attention to the game.

The gameplay of the Catapult HD Saga is good and you always have a quick response to your commands. The battle screen is simple and you won’t find any problem when using the desired tools.

Fights online and offline

Both the matches online as those played against the computer, we feel that the Catapult Saga leaves something to be desired at one point: the maps are too small. Other titles in the genre always scenarios or options presented slightly more complex and leaving more difficult the task of hitting your opponent.

The degree of difficulty of gambling offline appeals, bringing just the right challenges. The matches online, when held in one-player mode, also are balanced, since you face always someone on your level. Already disputes in teams can be more cruel, especially with those just starting out to play it now.

Online departures may require a bit of patience. That’s because the connection to the servers seems to be a bit too slow and the play of each character takes too long to happen. A game in three-on-three teams during the tests, for example, took ten minutes to complete. Even so, games of type continue addictive online games and fun to go there.

Free Download: Catapult Saga HD for PC – Catapult Saga HD for Android

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