Cavemania Online for PC – Free Download

March 29, 2015, Category: Games
Cavemania Online for PC – Free Download
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   Cavemania PC is a very interesting game for those who like logic games in which you must match three or more colored stones, but wants more action and strategy, with a significant history and a powerful visual.

In this game, you have to complete missions during the phases, not just trying to do the maximum points and possible combinations, which makes it much more fun and challenging than the normal Bejeweled-style games. The early stages are easy to complete and serve only as a tutorial for you to prepare for the most difficult levels, an interesting feature of this game that has gradual difficulty.

The look of the game is very interesting, being well done and relying on fluid and beautiful animations for both the elements and the warriors and enemies that need to be disposed of during the game. The game can be best viewed in tablets, since he has little buttons and elements with plenty of details, but that doesn’t mean he’s not cell shown correctly.

Well worth playing this game, even though with the passing of time have to choose between playing several times the same phase to achieve Gold or buy coins with real money. Even so, for being so much fun, it’s worth going through these little difficulties of games containing items paid throughout its development.

Free Download: Cavemania for PC – Cavemania for Android

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