Chain Chronicle – RPG Online for PC – Free Download

January 28, 2015, Category: Games
Chain Chronicle – RPG Online for PC – Free Download
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   Chain Chronicle PC is a game from Sega that will please those who enjoy RPG and Tower Defense: he mixes these two styles of interesting way and has an extensive history that you need help to create. The battles are active and you need to have enough strategy to win.

Visual and controls

The game has a visual Chronicle Chain much like the other this style: animations of magical beings and warriors mingle with menus full of medieval scenarios and options. He’s organized, however, and has an interface in which everything is in the right place.

That is, if you follow the tutorial, there will be hard pressed to know what needs to be done and where you need to click to advance in the game. This explanation at the beginning, including, deserves attention. Many tutorials show only which buttons you need to press, but that explains exactly what is going on and really teaches players.

In this way, you learn the controls and know more of the game with explanations of a brownie with a rather amusing humor and acid. Even if you’re already familiar with that style of play, it is not recommended to skip the tutorial, since many items are earned in this way and you will need them later.

Active battles

Many games have RPG battles in which you need only “Watch” to his warriors after choosing the best fighters — it is not the case of this game. Here, we must have action and quick thinking, since you need to move the characters of line whenever an enemy again appear and defend better right area of the screen.

The correct approach is shown in the tutorial, which indicates that it is not always worth it to remove all the warriors at once: keep all fabric protected for that surprise attacks do not end up with the battle. You need to think fast and act immediately, and who likes action games will enjoy this style.

It is worth testing the game Chain Chronicle, since he’s not just another game of this style. The title features more than 150 allies, an extensive story for you traverse, professional voice actors for the characters ‘ lines (in English only), and more!

The game is free, but you can buy upgrades with real money if you want to move faster in this world of adventures and battles to protect his Kingdom against the enemies of evil.

Free Download: Chain Chronicle for PC – Chain Chronicle for Android

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