Chicken Scramble Online for PC – Free Download

December 8, 2014, Category: Games
Chicken Scramble Online for PC – Free Download
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Chicken-Scramble-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadChicken Scramble PC is a traditional game of logic in the 2048 style that puts players to combine elements of the same type in an unusual setting: a chicken coop. To move the pieces, simply slide your finger in the desired direction in any part of the display.

The difference of Chicken Scramble for the original game lies in the fact that you interact with hen eggs and newly hatched chicks. For example, you combine an egg that generates an egg cracked, which gives rise to a chick and that in turn creates a chick graduated at school, and so on.

New challenges

The gameplay brings great news for anyone who is familiar with the original game, which can be considered as a positive point, because this keeps the games intuitive and fluid for those who already bored of 2048.

Chicken Scramble is divided into multiple stages, each with new elements and challenges. Some of them feature a Board in different formats, while others have obstacles on the scenario or specific places that multiply the points generated.

The control is done with gestures in the desired direction, and the puppets change significantly, avoiding confusion. The goals of the phases are varied and is always shown at the bottom of the screen the score needed to get three stars, which is excellent.

New elements

The cartoon-style visuals are a bit childish, but nothing to bother the older gamers. All screens are well organized and intuitive, relying on several instructions along the gambling. Despite being entirely in English, who dominates the language can get along with the game after a few attempts at game.

The animations are also whimsical, giving life to the characters during the collisions and movements. Another cool feature is that the app has a fun trail that helps maintain the uncompromising environment without affecting the concentration.

Free Download:  Chicken Scramble for PC – Chicken Scramble for Android

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