Christmasville: missing Santa Online for PC

November 29, 2014, Category: Games
Christmasville: missing Santa Online for PC
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unnamedAlthough hidden object games lost in scenarios are already fairly common, the Christmasville: missing Santa brings a plot even more fun for the end-of-year parties, in addition to high quality in all its aspects.

The images of Christmasville: missing Santa are of quality and show details in every corner. It also increases the level of difficulty of the app, since the environments are full of colors and textures.

Another thing that helps keep the Christmasville: missing Santa more complicated and hold more still the player on the screen of Android is the penalty for random ringtones. Thus, you cannot simply touch the screen until you earn points.

The penalty is made in time: the Christmasville: missing Santa has a countdown which limits the time for fun and with the penalty, you lose a few minutes of gambling. However, in order not to discourage players, the Christmasville: missing Santa also enables the possibility to see tips, however, there is a minimum time to wait to ask for help again.

In the middle of the game, the Christmasville: missing Santa brings some long and tiring dialogues that, after all, were not translated into Portuguese. You need to take several taps on the screen until you get to what really matters.

The soundtrack for the Christmasville: missing Santa is very lively and the huge variety of songs and sounds of action make the game even better. Moreover, variety in Christmasville: missing Santa is not lacking. The game makes everything so that the joke isn’t tiresome in no time.

In addition to different scenarios, the game brings differences even in the form of play. There are several types of challenges to be met, which leaves the Christmasville: missing Santa even more addictive and fun. To complete, the Christmasville: missing Santa is completely free. So, you can play and have fun without limits and, best of all, without spending a cent on it.

Free download: Christmasville: missing Santa for PC – Christmasville: missing Santa for Android

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