Cinema FV-5 Lite for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) – Free Download

December 29, 2014, Category: Apps
Cinema FV-5 Lite for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) – Free Download
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Cinema-FV-5-Lite-for-PC-Windows-7-8-and-Mac-Free-Download   If you are behind a video recording application more elaborate, the Cinema FV-5 Lite is a very interesting option. Firstly, by several specific features are offered, such as the adjustment of lighting, audio, ISO, resolution, among many others. If you want to customize the settings of your videos, this app can certainly offer many options.

However, if you are not willing to spend $ 6.00 to buy the app, will be allowed to record videos of only 10 seconds – which is very little and can frustrate some people. In our tests (made with a Smasung Galasy S5), the application did not submit any mistakes.

The performance of the app relies heavily on your device
Several users have complained that it can introduce deadlocks, doesn’t work or terminate abruptly (it all depends on the model of your device). The interface of the app is not exactly simple, although the icons possess drawings self-explanatory about their duties. Maybe this confusion occurs because there are many elements on the display – and devices with small screens should suffer in this regard, since the buttons are smaller and more squeezed.

Whether you’re looking for an app to write simpler, maybe it’s better to download from another. But if you want to customize the minimum settings for your videos, the Cinema FV-5 can offer an extensive and useful range of options.

Free Download: Cinema FV-5 Lite for PC – Cinema FV-5 Lite for Android

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