City Car Stunts 3D Online for PC – Free Download

March 13, 2015, Category: Games
City Car Stunts 3D Online for PC – Free Download
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   City Car Stunts 3D PC is an action game in which your challenge is to complete all the existing maneuvers on the track and, later, crossing the finish line. I.e. doesn’t help make all competitions and hit the car before arriving at the end of the stage, as this causes the level is lost.

The game has several stages for you to have fun, and initially only the first is unlocked. However, don’t worry, because the others are open as you complete the above. In addition, their performance is stored independently in each one of them.

In this way, the title can either be used to provide entertainment for several hours and serve as a hobby quickly for those free moments you have the day. Although the game may seem easy, soon to start the game it is possible to perceive that in practice it requires some attention.

That’s because you need to be careful to do the exercises, because there are actions that require a precise moment to be carried out successfully.

Overcoming the challenges

The game controls system is user friendly, since it consists of buttons are available directly in the interface of the game, leaving your easy activation. In addition, the response time of commands is immediate – something extremely important to the smooth running of the game.

Another interesting point is that there is influence of physical movements, causing the shares are a bit more difficult, at least until you are accustomed to the commands needed to make them. The background music is very lively and are perfectly adequate with respect to the background and the history presented by the game.

The other sounds are related to movement of the protagonist by scenario and to interactions with elements found along the way. The graph and the designs are simple, but still are well made and a great representation of the idea. The game features a series of vehicles that can be unlocked with your progress in games.

Free Download: City Car Stunts 3D for PC – City Car Stunts 3D for Android

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