City Rider 3D Online for PC

March 8, 2014, Category: Games
City Rider 3D Online for PC
4.82 (96.49%) 484 votes

city-rider-3d-online-for-pcCity Rider 3D: How about fly several different vehicles through the streets of this great city?

In City Rider 3D, you’ll have fun flying several different vehicles, which are scattered throughout the city and the countryside. Feel the difference between driving a mid-engined, an 18-wheel truck, a monster truck and several others.

This game also allows you to modify some details of the machines, and may even increase the torque and the power of each. Ever wondered what it would be like driving a heavy truck if he were as fast as a Ferrari? To do this, you must press the “B” and access a special menu where they are going to be all options.

In order to play City Rider 3D You must install Unity Web Player

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