Clash of Clans Online for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) – Free Download

January 5, 2015, Category: Games
Clash of Clans Online for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) – Free Download
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Clash-of-Clans-Online-for-PC-Windows-7-8-and-Mac-Free-Download   Clash of Clans PC is an addictive mixture of strategic planning with competitive fast-paced combat. The game is very versatile for count on several game modes, which should keep players busy and entertained for a long time.

The game has a fantastic visual that, combined with the beautiful retina display display of the new iPad, further improves the quality. The graphics are great and very well done. The Visual effects of the characters and the setting are pretty neat and fun.

More hardcore players of the RTS genre may be disappointed by the fact that the graphics are cartoony process, but this is not something that can be considered as a negative point of the game, since it’s just a matter of style.

The gameplay is very good for being simple and practical. However, the game does not count with a system as advanced as in more elaborate RTS games. The collection of resources, for example, is made automatically and there are few available structures to be built. Villagers also cannot be produced – only warriors.

The “freemium” system of the game is a little annoying, but it can be something generalized model. You must buy the currency of the game to speed up constructions, or you’ll be hostage of time. Another problem is that it takes a lot to gather Gold and Elixir, essential resources to promote attacks and improve your village.

One of the problems of the game is that it is not possible to direct troops to attack certain structures. The Warriors attack whatever’s in front first. I.e. If you have a cannon killing everyone behind a barracks, the Warriors will attack the barracks until he be destroyed, to then concentrate the cannon-a terrible combat strategy.

As in most RTS games for touch screens, you must stay by clicking on the structures that collect resources to account for what has been collected. This could be done automatically, because it is not practical and necessary.

The buttons of the game are very well positioned within the canvas and facilitate access to all options of the game. The game’s initial tutorial is great and simplifies the learning of all functions.

Clash of Clans and extremely easy to play, and will require only the skills strategy. Then, put your mind to work, strengthen their village and move on to the battles!

Free Download: Clash of Clans for PC – Clash of Clans for Android

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