Clash Of The Kingdoms Online for PC – Free Download

December 4, 2014, Category: Games
Clash Of The Kingdoms Online for PC – Free Download
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Clash-Of-The-Kingdoms-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadClash Of The Kingdoms is a game that mixes styles so interesting. If you like games of strategy, will certainly vitiate this gambling that has much to offer. But it takes patience.

Three-dimensional Visual

The graphics in the game are certainly one of its highlights. We have visual in three dimensions, with high-quality resolution and image definition. In addition, you can use the zoom tool to zoom in or pull away, enjoying further scenarios that the title offers. The only downside here is the size of the text fonts, small even for appliance with generous screens.

The soundtrack is characterized by a strong theme, which combines with the medieval style and war. In addition, we have the ambient sound of the sea and sound effects for gathering resources and for the battles that please enough.

Interesting gameplay, but overloaded

Clash Of The Kingdoms has a very nice style, but could be even better if you stayed focused on only one or two styles. What happens is that you need to take care of many aspects, which ends up overloading the player and leaving the game a very truncated.

Only the construction of infrastructure and attack the other cities I’d make a good game, but to also add the concern with possible enemy attacks you have a style that encompasses so much.

In addition, the evolution in the game is slow, because you need several elements combined to evolve. We have not only the gold collection, but also precious stones and several upgrades in the main Castle, as well as in other establishments.

All this ends up generating a confused and gambling which can make the user get discouraged quickly, even before the shield of 48 hours be disabled and the dispute begin for real.

Free Download:  Clash Of The Kingdoms for PC – Clash Of The Kingdoms for Android

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