Clash of the Olympians Online for PC – Free Download

December 4, 2014, Category: Games
Clash of the Olympians Online for PC – Free Download
4.4 (88%) 5 votes

Clash-of-the-Olympians-Online-for-Pc-Free-DownloadClash of the Olympians is a simple online game, but it may be a good entertainment option. Their graphics are good quality and the overall visual game is very outgoing, with elements and Comic characters. Both the soundtrack and the irreverent sound effects help provide an interaction even more enjoyable.

The uncomplicated commands of the game can be easily assimilated by anyone, even those who have no experience in this type of game. Support for the Portuguese of Portugal, although some discrepancies with our language, can facilitate the understanding of who does not dominate the English.

In contrast, the Clash of the Olympians has only a scenario. Although we know that the objective of the game is related to a single location (the Temple of Olympus), the climate could vary and even influence us pitches.

During our review, we missed a feature to indicate at least the beginning of the trajectory of the launch – something like what happens in Angry Birds, for example. Throwing at random, you can take a few seconds to find the right distance of the launches.

Free Download:   Clash of the Olympians for PC – Clash of the Olympians for Android

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