Cloud Raiders Online for PC – Free Download

December 1, 2014, Category: Games
Cloud Raiders Online for PC – Free Download
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Cloud-Raiders-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadCloud Raiders is an excellent strategy game with flying pirates in the style of the games Total Conquest and Clash of Clans. Its mission is to develop your base to the maximum and fight the pirates who try to invade and invade other bases of enemies (either offline or online).

The title has a very nice visual, with vibrant colors and designs that are full of details – even though the buildings are small, we can show Windows, doors, lighting effects, contours of boats, among other aspects.

Epic battles on the small screen of the mobile phone

The animations are also excellent because even though many elements appear simultaneously on the display they don’t stay slow and still run smooth. The scenarios are also very detailed, are the floating islands or the interior of the Pirate ships. All of this aided by an excellent soundtrack, with songs more calm when you are developing your base and with songs more accelerated in times of battles.

In addition to these great factors there is the PVP that is quite interesting in the game, yielding more exciting than dynamic battles offline – and rewards best too. However, there is one factor that really isn’t very good, what is the progress in the game. Develop your base, increase his army and getting stronger are aspects that may take if you do not use the diamonds to accelerate the processes – diamonds are rare and difficult to be obtained.

Of course you can buy packages with diamonds with real money, but many players don’t want to do it imeditado. Besides, Cloud Raiders is an excellent strategy game with a very nice and easy gameplay mechanics, especially due to the initial tour of the game and throughout the game be in Portuguese – quite suitable for the fans of the genre.

Free Download: Cloud Raiders for PC – Cloud Raiders for Android

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