The Collider for PC – Free Download

December 7, 2014, Category: Apps
The Collider for PC – Free Download
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The-Collider-for-PC-Free-DownloadThe Collider is a Free logic game in which you must make your spaceship through all obstacles present on the screen. However, here, the whole scenario moves, causing the player need to calculate very carefully the position of the item to be able to accomplish the task.

Although you may find that the game has an easy goal to be reached soon on the first try you will realize how challenging the title really is for more than his “ship” is only a blip on the screen and the passages are relatively large, you will need to keep the concentration to reach them at the right time.

In addition, to make things even more interesting, the game adopts a graphic style that simulates three dimensions, with colors that are alternate between a challenge and another. The drawings are very stylish and provide a touch “futuristic” title, making their use is really nice.

Crossing obstacles

The game does not have a division of stages and works in a style in which while you are able to accomplish the task, stays in the match. Once you bump, must go back to the beginning of the game or use the coins produced to do a “repair” on the ship and continue from the point at which it stopped-something interesting when you are with a high score.

Each time you win a new record of obstacles traversed, it is registered so you can have a parameter for the upcoming matches. The background music of the game is quite lively and accompanies the graphic component perfectly presented. The response time of commands performed are fast, something essential for the game don’t lose their fun.

There is a degree of difficulty to choose from and the game can be considered as containing a moderate challenge since its inception. The title is lightweight and can be run without problems even on smartphones a bit more modest.

Free Download:  The Collider for PC – The Collider for Android

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