Crazy Helium Video Booth Online for PC – Free Download

November 26, 2014, Category: Apps
Crazy Helium Video Booth Online for PC – Free Download
4.37 (87.38%) 168 votes

Crazy-Helium-Video-Booth-PC-Download-FreeCrazy Heliumbooth is one of the most entertaining applications recording of videos that the user can find in iOS. In addition, it is one of the most efficient, because his performance is quite interesting. In the chart, however, it does not have a very high standard.

The menus are not cute, especially the added sound effects and that ends up hurting a little. However, for those looking for a really fun program to play with friends and family, it’s worth the download.

He makes the videos are pretty funny. In addition to the effect on the image, as in many photo apps to distort a person’s face, the software still has sound effects. Try singing a song recording with the application, for example.

The result will be very funny for sure. It is possible to distort your face, add sound effects and even change the speed of the pronunciation. Thus, the final video becomes very different from what would be the original. Therefore, please do not hesitate to download Crazy Heliumbooth and enjoy!

Free Download: Crazy Heliumbooth for PC

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